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Automation Volume in FL Studio

In this article I'll show about how to using automation volume in FL Studio.

This feature also can be used to make "fade in" or "fade out" volume of the audio, depend on how you will give "fade in" or "fade out" effect of the volume audio.

automation volume in fl studio
Automation Volume on FL Studio

As seen in the picture above, you can just right click on your mouse above the volume in the mixer channel, then click "Create Automation". In this way you can already find the automation volume curve in the track of the project you are working on, then you can move the curve up (which means your volume will increase) and down (which means your volume sound will decrease).

For example, if you want to give "fade out" effect in the one of your track, so you can give the automation volume in your mixer channel track related to the track that you want to give "fade in" or "fade out" effect. But if you want to give "fade in" effect in the whole of your audio. So you can give the automation volume in the master chanel mixer. As simple as that.

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